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With over 26 years of Audio Visual experience working in the education industry; Leading Edge Installations has the knowledge and expertise to tailor a solution to suit your school’s requirements and budget.  Many AV companies claiming to have experience in education, may not have experience “working” in schools.  The experience is “selling” to schools.  We understand schools because we’ve worked in schools supporting teachers in the classroom, listening to teacher’s requirements and at times their  frustrations with the technology they have been given to integrate into their teaching.  We understand that teachers need functional and reliable equipment.  They also need ongoing aftermarket service, good training, minimal set up time as to not waste the first moments of their class. They need ideas on how they can use the technology in their teaching.  Leading Edge Installations offers free onsite consultation and will even attend your meetings if required.   

We are an independent Audio Visual company that can offer your school personal prompt service.  If you would like to speak with one of our existing clients, let us know and we will be happy to put you in contact. 

Leading Edge Installations also offers maintenance contracts that can ensure that your equipment will be working optimally and ready for your teachers on day one of every term.  This also extends the life of the equipment which will protect your school’s investment. 

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