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If you have already purchased equipment from elsewhere or you would like an existing installation re-located to another room, Leading Edge Installations can test your existing equipment and re-locate as required.  This is a unique offering as most companies will only install new equipment purchased only from them.

Equipment Supply

Leading Edge Installations don’t only install equipment, we also supply equipment to homes, companies and of course schools.  All equipment supplied by Leading Edge Installations is backed by the full manufacturers’ warranty.  If you would like a price on an item of equipment please contact us and we will provide you with a quote.

Maintenance Contracts

Our maintenance agreements are designed to prolong the life of your classroom/office installation and protect your assets whilst maintaining as much up-time as possible. 
You will be given a detailed report of each room’s audio visual equipment which will serve many purposes. Some of these may include getting more funding using statistical information, keeping track of equipment and reporting theft.  Most importantly, it will keep your equipment working optimally and reliably. It is recommended that a maintenance schedule is performed every quarter to keep equipment working perfectly at the beginning of every school term or business quarter. Dust in school classrooms and offices tends to settle very quickly and items can go missing such as remote controls, pens and cables. Equipment can get damaged or vandalised so Leading Edge Installations ensures that you can be rested knowing that each classroom/office has been checked and maintained and is in good working order throughout the year.

For a tailored maintenance agreement, please contact us and we can build an agreement to suit your specific needs whilst also meeting your budget. 

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